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New Evidence in O’Brien Trial

According to court documents, last year 27-year-old Donna Smith died from a drug overdose in a home on Carson Avenue in DuBois.

Authorities said Patrick O’Brien was charged in her death facing multiple charges including drug possession with intent to deliver and delivery resulting in death.

But after the discovery of new evidence, authorities said those charges are off of the table.

“There was a phone dump as we call it of the decedent’s phone and in that phone there was messages that indicated where the drugs came from and how they were acquired and those were not from Mr. Obrien,” said Ryan Sayers, Clearfield County District Attorney

Sayers said Sandy Township police are investigating the origin of where Smith got her drugs from.

At this time, O’Brien is only being charged with tampering of evidence and obstructing administration of law enforcement.

According to court documents, he tried to hide heroin when authorities arrived on the scene of Smith’s death.

“It’s important that we get it right and in this case while we did have to withdraw very serious charges the evidence proved and showed that the drugs that were taken in this case were not acquired from,” said Sayers.

O’Brien’s sentencing is set for September 28th.

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