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New Federal Relief and Centre County

The latest massive Federal COVID Relief Legislation with nearly $2 Trillion already has many speculating on what it’s going to mean for their budgets. COVID Relief money, whether its Federal, State, or Local has been flowing more in recent months. Just in the past week in Centre County, we’ve told you about two more programs, one for those in the Hospitality business and the other for Renters and Landlords. The new Federal Relief is expected to be signed later this week and will add Millions, maybe Billions of dollars to those programs and more.

On Tuesday, Centre County Commissioners were lobbying for passage of the Federal Relief Bill. Earlier this week, the Head of the State’s Independent Fiscal Office talking about job sector hit hard by the Pandemic-including a recent addition. As for Centre County’s latest aid package for the Hospitality business-its on track. Its the type of Financial Assistance lifeline that’s expected to be boosted with the new Federal Funding.

As it stands now, the new Federal COVID Relief will provide the State Governments with $7.3 billion, while local municipalities in Pennsylvania will receive $5.7 billion. In Centre County, the total financial impact of the Federal Funding is expected to be near $100 Million when the individual checks are added for residents.

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