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New Firetruck Needed

The cost of getting a new truck is significant, more than most top end sports cars three hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. For now, they’re using this twenty plus year old loaner from Alum Bank Community Fire Company, but its not a long term answer.

They intend to apply for a loan from the state that will require monthly payments of close to nine hundred dollars. The catch is that monthly payment would need to be made every month for the next twenty five years.

Fire chief Scott Eicher said he understands money is tight for everyone right now but they need this new truck to keep people safe.

Since the station does not qualify for federal or state grants to buy a new truck, they’d need to pay for it out of pocket. However, the station only has two hundred thousand available, falling a hundred and seventy five grand shy.

Eicher also added the price goal is just a new truck, not any add ons beef it up.

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