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New Furniture Disruptions

Furniture stores both large and small are experiencing hefty delays in receiving stock. That’s bad news for customers looking to order new things.

Klabans Home Furnishings and Capperella Furniture in Bellefonte are two Centre County stores facing those struggles.

Couches and chairs have been the most common purchases, as people opt to stay in the comfort of their homes more often now thanks to the coronavirus.

The store manager of Klabans and the owner of Capperella’s say the delay for those items is longer than others, and has to do with manufacturers importing parts from multiple places

“The longest lead times that we’re facing at the moment are definitely on upholstery, as opposed to cased goods and things like that. So sofas, accent chairs, recliners, things like that are seeing probably the longest period if wait time, probably most particularly reclining sofas and things like that, because they’re sourcing a lot of parts and mechanics from other vendors and manufacturers.

“Its a combination of surge and demand and also production issues due to COVID as well, and of course some of the manufacturers do a lot of importing of products, that further complicates it if they’re still importing from the Asian markets.”

A recurring theme from both stores identifies delays from manufacturers importing parts as the likely cause to the disruptions.

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