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New Infrastructure Bill and Pa.

Now that the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure plan has been brought across the finish line, what’s in it for Pennsylvania? Billions of dollars will come to Pennsylvania to help boost our aging infrastructure system in the Commonwealth, according to lawmakers supporting the bill.

It comes as President Biden signed that long awaited bill into law yesterday. Now, exact figures are not clear, as totals being floated around include money already allocated and are dependent on factors that change each year.

But at least $4 billion in new money will go toward road projects.

$355 million for airports and $100 million for rural broadband. And speaking with Democrats Senator Bob Casey about it today, he says when it all pans out, there’s a lot of bang for the buck.

“Once you put it on the table, the cost and the scale of it, people roll their eyes and say, Well, we can’t do that.”

“We finally said, we have to do it. There’s a there’s a cost to not investing. It’s a great win for the state because we can make investments in our infrastructure. We haven’t been able to make in a long, long time, maybe not ever. Well, it had bipartisan support.”

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