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New Lady Lion Volleyball Coach

“There is no better person, no one that better understands all of that has gone into making Penn State volleyball.
Well, Penn State volleyball, that can execute on a vision forward. No one better than Katie Schumacher Cawley. So with that, ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you your third Penn State women’s volleyball head coach Katie Schumacher Cawley.

There you heard it, Penn State V.P. of intercollegiate Athletics, Sandy Barbour, formally introducing an alum tasked with filling the shoes of Russ Rose.

Who coached the women’s volleyball program for the past 43 years. Katie Schumacher Cawley had over 1000 kills as a player and won a national championship for Rose in 1999.

A major component in Rose’s journey that saw him end up with over 13 hundred career wins for Schumacher Cawley she didn’t return to pursue with this in mind after spending nine years as
head coach of Chicago She just wanted to come home.

“Coming back here was a dream come true, I think being a part of Penn State, no matter what position I was in.
I was fortunate to have that. You know, I think that this has always been home to me and to have the opportunity to even go through the interview process was it was something special.
And yeah, I’m just I’m overjoyed. It was me. But like, you know, I never came back here saying, Oh, I’m going to be the next head coach, I’m going to be this.
I wanted to give my best effort for these players and for coach to have the same experience that I had here.”

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