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New Memorial Trail at Richland Cemetery

On a typical Saturday, you might see people walking through Richland Cemetery to honor their loved ones or even get some exercise. Now, those that do can take a mile-long walking trail memorializing those who lie there in their final resting place. Richland Cemetery has a new one-mile walking trail giving family members a special way to remember their loved ones. Jan Marsh likes to go for walks at Richland Cemetery. But now, when she goes for her strolls she’ll see a familiar name. It’s the name of her late mother, “Betty L. Long,” on a mile marker, which is part of the Cemetery’s new mile-long Memorial Walking Trail.

After the ribbon was cut, Visitors walked the trail for the first time around the parameter of the Cemetery. The Cemetery’s Manager says these markers, which are posted every 1/10th of a mile, will give people like Jan a true walk to remember. Roger Luther, Manager at the Richland Cemetery says they’ll be adding more markers to the trail and he even bought one for his own late Father. Roger says if you would like a Memorial for your loved one, you can contact Richland Cemetery.

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