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New Osagie Lawsuit

Earlier this week the parents of Osaze Osagie filed a new complaint as part of their family’s federal lawsuit.

Their lawsuit follows the release of names of the officers involved in their son’s shooting back in 2019.

They claim the officer who shot their son was quote, unfit for duty.

Sarah Metts has the details on the latest accusations and how the Centre County District Attorney is responding.

The Osagie family is still seeking justice for their son’s mental health crisis, that turned into the fatal officer involved shooting back in March of 2019.

In the recent amended complaint to the federal lawsuit against the borough, they are claiming one of the state college police officers who was there the day of Osaze’s death, M. Jordan Peiniazek, as unfit for duty.

Stating the police department received information about Pieniazeks well being, and his alleged excessive drinking and domestic abuse allegations and did nothing to ensure he was safe to return to work.

According to the complaint, allegedly, Pieniazek went to a rehab facility in January and returned to work just days before Osagies shooting.

Previously, all three of the officers involved were cleared of any wrongdoing by Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna.

The borough released a joint statement by State College Mayor Ron Filippelli and Borough Manger Tom Fountaine following the complaint, stating

“This Amended Complaint, like the original Complaint before, contains false claims, and half truths, while also leaving out critical facts and context to understanding the incident, the background and the persons involved.”

They say, they have never placed an officer on duty who was not fit to provide at the highest level of police services. The borough says they have been transparent in addressing the incident, and plan to continue this moving forward.

In the complaint made by the Osagie’s legal team, they call Pieniazek a ticking time bomb. Stating, as a result of the quote, police departments systemic failures, the department failed this specific officer and ultimately their son as well.

District Attorney Bernie Cantorna is now responding to the allegations made against himself, claiming he was part of a cover up as stated by Osagies legal counsel. Writing

“During the original investigation, the District Attorney’s office was not made aware of the allegations in the amended complaint. I have sent the amended complaint to the State Police for review and investigation.

Once that process is complete, my office will report back to the public.”

He finishes with, his offices main duty is to serve and protect the community through the fair and ethical pursuit of justice.

Still the 3/20 coalition is asking for his immediate resignation. Earlier today, they were seen demonstrating and chanting outside of the Centre County Courthouse with signs that read things like,
Cantorna cover up, resign and resist and justice for Osaze.


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