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New Penn State Student Aid Programs

For months now we’ve been telling you about more people going hungry during the pandemic, and that includes here on college campuses, in fact the president of Penn State says its going to lead to new developments in their student aid program

Penn State President Eric Barron testifying Tuesday for a state senate budget hearing saying the university relies greatly now on philanthropy gift giving and the changing focus of some donations

“We’re working on proposals for donors on can we provide housing & food allowances, when before we just thought about straight up scholarships”

There is a student food bank on campus lions pantry. Various efforts underway to expand the program,and the latest now coming from the university administration.

“We’re about to launch food&housing programs, housing scholarships, different ways to provide food for students who are challenged in that way.this is an incredible part.How can you be a good student if you’re hungry”

A Penn State task force has been working on the issue. In their recent report, the say up to 35 percent of college students statewide go hungry at times, as they put it experience food insecurity

The University President told the state lawmakers the financial impact of the pandemic for Penn State is now close to four hundred million dollars.

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