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NFL Divisional Round: Chiefs vs. Browns

The Buccaneers Won in the Super Dome. Tom Brady will travel to the frozen tundra to face Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Conference Championship. Also, we may have just witnessed Drew Brees’ Final Game. We’ll see if he decides to continue playing.

Earlier Sunday afternoon in the AFC, Browns and Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium. The Browns Win the coin toss and defer, so Patrick Mahomes starts the game off with a dominant drive. Tyrik Hill with a 26 yard gain. 2nd and Goal, Mahomes keeps it for the Touchdown. Chiefs however miss the extra point. Up three here in the second, Mahomes to Travis Kelce who takes it into the end zone. Browns first half they only come out with a Field Goal.

Now in the Third Quarter, Chiefs lead 19-3. Baker Mayfield to Jarvis Landry in the corner and its 10-19, but the Chiefs still lead. In the Chiefs next drive, Mahomes take a hard hit on Third and One. He was visibly very shaken up and having a hard time standing, so Mahomes leaves the game and enters Concussion Protocol. He would not return to the game and Kansas City ends the drive with 3 points.

Browns go back on the field. 4th and 2, the Tight End Austin Hooper with a major pick up. Kareem Hunt finishes the drive with a Touchdown. An interesting game with the Browns down 5, and no Mahomes for the Chiefs. In at Quarterback is Chad Henne. On 3rd and 14, Henne just marked short. They don’t want to give the Browns a chance to score and win, so on 4th and inches, Henne finds Hill who gets the first down and goes down with it. That’s the game. Chiefs Win 22-17 and they host Buffalo next weekend in the AFC Conference Championship.

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