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Nittany Lion Football Helps Economy

Penn State Nittany Lions are back at Beaver Stadium on Saturday.

It’s the third home game in a row already this season.

It has long been documented what happens in the stadium how it benefits the entire region, especially the area economy.

“Football is definitely a plus. You know we’ve got the second night game coming up. Not this week, but next week. This town is really buzzing.”

Greg Knight owns two Waffle Shop restaurants one in downtown State College, the other in Bellefonte. Last year, he closed the State College restaurant for months due to the pandemic.

There’re still COVID concerns, and he’s cut back hours.

But now it’s due to lack of help.

“So business is coming back, but the problem is, and you hear about any time you go out to eat for restaurants, is finding employees,” Knight says.

A few blocks away in State College is the Scholar Hotel. The hotel is a renovation of the historic, downtown Glenland Building.

The hotel opened earlier this year and is also impacted by COVID.

“Yeah that wasn’t in our business plan, a pandemic, and it delayed our construction,” said Gary Brandeis.

Football season though, has brought the business.

All rooms have been booked every weekend

“So far, so good, and with us being downtown it’s close to everything,” Brandeis said.

So, with fans in the stands, it’s a huge plus, despite some ongoing issues.

In looking at this past year, the Waffle Shop owner offers what could be good financial advice anytime:

“As a business owner, if you have a good year, don’t go out and buy a boat,” Knight explains. “Don’t go out and buy this and that. You got to put some away so if something unexpected happens you can survive.”

Penn State and Villanova will kick off Saturday at noon.

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