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No First Night This Year

The mitigation efforts seem to be working, and the hope that guided my decision was that what we did was especially targeted on that really peak period of the holidays, Christmas, Kwanzaa, new year’s, and that what we have done
during this period will actually help us in the months of January and February.

While still not perfect, Governor Tom Wolf says the mitigation efforts over the holiday season seem to be working as case counts, death rates, and hospitalizations have plateaued in the last two weeks.
BUT locally, Mount Nittany Health just announced a new high of admitted COVID-19 patients.

“You still see our health system being overwhelmed, Mount Nittany announced today that they had to postpone elective surgeries due to capacity issues.”

Which is why the board of directors of the central pa festival of the arts cancelled 2021’s new year traditions, no extravagant ice sculptures, no ice skating, no workshops and no 5k resolution run, but borough officials say there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but we can’t get to that light if people don’t wear a mask as stores start to reopen, especially after the New Year.”

Governor Wolf says the hope is once we reopen on January 4th, that the mitigation efforts in place over the holidays will make all the difference, locally, officials want residents to stay safe, and stay home.

“During the celebration just make responsible decisions.”

What is usually the party spot to ring in the New Year, is now no longer. Officials say stay home, social distance, and wear a mask whenever you leave the house.

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