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No State College Superbowl Parties

The Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers booked their tickets to the Super Bowl yesterday. However unlike most years, many football fans won’t be able to gather for the big game.

While PA is not represented in the big game, The Super Bowl would still normally be cause for a party. Well, with the coronavirus in the way, that won’t be the case in State College this year.

The Super Bowl typically brings a shared atmosphere. However, most living rooms will look more empty than usual come game day.

State College residents will also face that challenge. Mask mandates have been extended into may in the region to curb the virus, but maskless groups indoors don’t help.

Sgt. Ted Hubler of the State College Police Department says any large Super Bowl gatherings will be dealt with like any other large event, including potential charges being filed.

“Yeah, I mean we’ll treat it just like we would any other special event,” Sgt. Hubler said. “Unfortunately, we’ve been dealing with COVID for awhile now. So with football season this fall, all the COVID restrictions were in place. You know, any complaints that we would get that would get they would obviously be investigated, charges would be filed if need be.”

Ordinances in State College say gatherings can’t exceed more than a handful of indoors, making hosting families difficult to do right now, and Sgt. Hubler said those rules count for Super Bowl Sunday.

“If there’s any violation of the ordinance for the social gathering, citations would be issued on a case by case situation,” he said. “If there would be a violation of the ordinance, we would enforce that.”

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