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Nursing Shortages

When we talk about shortages, it’s not just regarding the goods that we buy, but also the labor that produces them.

As Gary Sinderson reports, for one segment of the labor market, the ongoing shortage is just a continuation of what’s been going on for years.

In the past two years, especially, they’ve been termed heroes who are in short supply.

“It is time to end this decades long nursing shortage.” Nursing staffing levels in Pennsylvania remain a crucial issue.

“So we really do have this collision that we are looking at.
“We’ve got the collision of the needs are increasing and the resources our health care team, our nursing team is decreasing”

Two Penn State health administrators Wednesday, among those lobbying state lawmakers for legislative initiatives to hopefully attract more to the nursing profession.

The state, using $5 million in federal COVID relief money, recently unveiled a one time program to help nursing student loans.

“Access to nursing education needs to be easier and it needs to be supported. Consideration of loan repayment programs for nurses Similar to the existing teacher loan forgiveness

The pandemic expected to have another impact”

Of COVID and these other burdens. We are looking at possibly the largest PTSD epidemic since World War two. The legacy of COVID for nurses is trauma that will persist long after this
pandemic has passed.”

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