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Officials Warn of Carbon Monoxcide Poisoning

As we approach the winter storm tomorrow, state officials want to remind you that carbon monoxide is an invisible killer and any device that burns oil can be deadly.

“Our concern is that carbon monoxide is a leading cause of accidental deaths in the US,” said Bruce Trego, State Fire Commissioner.

According to State Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego, in recent history the country has had 600 carbon monoxide poisoning deaths per year.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a byproduct of incomplete oil combustion, so anything that burns oil such as engine exhaust, grills, fireplaces.

When this happens, Trego said it inhibits the body’s ability to exchange oxygen.

“At least most of these items at least most of these items we may lean upon in the upcoming days if we have a power issue related to a storm,” he said.

Trego said everyone is at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, young or old.

To prevent this from happening to you, he advised drivers to not warm up their cars inside of a garage even if you have your garage door open.

He also advised you to put your generator 10 feet away from your house with the exhaust pointed away from the home.

Amid COVID-19, Trego said carbon monoxide has similar symptoms to the flu.

Those symptoms include headache, fatigue, and nausea.

“Just because you get flu like symptoms doesn’t mean that its carbon monoxide but it does mean that you need to get attention,” said Trego.

State officials advise you to check your smoke detector alarms at least once a month to make sure they’re working.

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