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Oil Dumped into Sewer

State College Police say someone dumped thousands of gallons of oil into a sewer system in Centre County.

Officials there say the situation is under control but it’s being investigated.

Authority say they have mostly contained the contamination within the treatment plant.

But they still don’t know where someone would have dumped the oil.

State College Police announcing Today that within the last several days, someone dumped over 5000 gallons of an unknown type of oil into the authority’s wastewater treatment system.

Authorities has not figured out where exactly someone would have dumped the oil nor do they have any suspects.

Fortunately, Cory Miller the Executive Director of the UAJA says they’ve somewhat narrowed down a location.

“So, it’s Patton Township, Ferguson Township, a small portion of College Township, a small portion of the Borough of State College. That’s the area it could have come from.”

If you have information about the source of the contamination State College Police urge you contact them.

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