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Omicron Variant Surge

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only three days away, but with the pandemic still going on and adding a new variant into the mix, what should your holiday plans look like?

Darrell Forges tells us what health experts are recommending. COVID cases surging yet again. The American variant spreading rapidly nationwide.

The Department of Health and Human Services reports hospitalizations are rising steadily.

“Things are moving quickly. Right till about a week ago, we reported that we had about 3% of our sequences now representing Omicron.
And now this week we’re reporting up to 73%.”

Now Americans are scrambling, waiting in long lines to get tested. President Biden announced his plan to distribute 500 million testing kits nationwide in January.

But some cities are pushing for tests immediately.

“We really need those at home tests. It’s it’s a problem. We don’t have them, and I think the president should take the Defense Production Act and take it to the maximum because we’re
not going to need billions over the next few months.”

Public health officials say if you’re fully vaccinated and boosted, you are much more protected heading into this holiday season.

But it’s also important to take safety measures before you travel. In the wake of the spike in cases, some cities are canceling or reconsidering New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The NHL is pausing its season, the NBA postponing games and some shows on Broadway are shutting down temporarily.

“We are not telling people to hide or hunker down or surrender to this situation. We’re telling people, be smart if you’re not feeling well stay home”

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