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Operation Our Town

Operation Our Town held the final leg of its 9th annual golf tournament at Park Hills Country Club Today.

Over 160 high school students participated in a special tournament Yesterday resulting in 176 players turning out to help raise money for the organization.

Operation Our Town started in 2006 as a way to help combat the area’s growing drug problem.

They are focused on drug education and treatment programs.

The organization believes. The key to success against drug addiction is early intervention.

“When it comes to kids, we’re going to do whatever we can to, you know, combat that fight, so that drugs don’t get in front of our kids, and that’s where it all starts. And part of our efforts here
of Operation Our Town are not only to get in front of the kids, but to give law enforcement the tools that they need to go out and combat the drug efforts.”

Each year Operation Our Town raises over 100 thousand dollars from the golf tournaments.

A large portion of that money goes back to the community in the forms of grants to help civic organizations provide educational and therapeutic programs

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