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Osaze Osagie Case Update

State College Borough now taking a more direct approach in denying allegations raised about a former borough police officer involved in the 2019 deadly shooting of Osaze Osagie.

Since the filing of a federal civil suit in the Osagie case allegations,accusations, talk of a cover up,and denials have been going back and forth. The latest response coming from State College borough this week.
Its in this new court filing from the borough addressing allegations that former police officer M. Jordan Pieniazek,who shot and killed Osaze Osagie was unfit for duty,that he had a history of excessive drinking and had just returned to work from a rehab facility and was acting erratically days before the deadly the new filing, the borough responds

“The slanderous allegation that officer Pienazek was under the influence of alcohol or drugs in this incident is expressly refuted by an alcohol and drug test that was given to the officer after the shooting as per standard procedure,and which showed no evidence of either”. The allegations against the officer which also included that he was reportedly mentally unstable and violent were included in an amended complaint against the borough filed by the Osagie family legal counsel.

Earlier this week,state college borough council issuing this statement-read by council president Jesse Barlow

“In response to new allegations raised in the amended complaint in regards to the shooting death of Osaze Osagie,the members of State College Borough and the borough administration join DA Bernie Cantorna in calling for a new independent investigation. Members of borough council were not aware of these new allegations prior to the filing of the complaint. we understand borough resident must have full confidence in their government and will work to make sure that confidence is earned”

The new borough response is included in a motion to deny a subpoena from the Osagies lawyers to obtain more personal information about Pieniazek which the borough terms a fishing expedition and not relevant to the case. Osagie was killed while three State College police officers attempted to serve him a mental health warrant.

Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna has already asked the state police to investigate the new allegations in the Osagie’s amended warrant. His office is awaiting that report.

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