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Outback Bowl

Indiana represented the Big Ten against Ole Miss on Saturday in the Outback Bowl. Ole Miss was up 20-6 in the 4th Quarter. Indiana inside the 5. Stevie Scott gets the direct snap and dives into the End Zone for a 3 yard score. Indiana still down 20-13. Later in the 4th, Indiana with goal to go. Scott gets another wildcat snap and scores the 3 yard Touchdown. Indiana ties the game at 20.

Ole Miss with the ball. Matt Corral fires a strike to Dontario Drummond for a 3 yard Touchdown. Ole Miss up 26-20 late in the game. In the final minutes, Indiana facing a 4th and long. Jack Tuttle drops back to throw, but his pass falls incomplete.

Ole Miss holds on to win the Outback Bowl 26-20.

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