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Over $1 Million Grant for Falls Creek

Over $1 Million was awarded to a Borough in Jefferson County, in hopes of improving their Water Infrastructure. The State awarded the Falls Creek Borough $1.4 Million to repair the water line on Main Street. With such a small population, Officials say this money means a great deal to the Borough.

Falls Creek’s Borough Manager Cindy Fritz says this $1.4 Million Grant was made available through the State’s PENNVEST Lead Line Replacement project. The State put aside $93 Million for Boroughs and Townships to apply for water line repairs.

Fritz says this money will provide a historic change to the Borough. She says the water line on Main Street is nearly 100-years-old and just last year they had a water main break that cost them thousands. Thankfully this $1.4 Million is 100% Grant money, something Fritz says is a major need for her community.

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