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Own Your Present

Does your life feel scattered? Do you feel pulled in multiple directions? Starting a mindfulness practice can help you reset and move forward with a more peaceful heart. Doctor Candace Good, a psychiatrist with Mount Nittany Medical Center, is the author of Own Your Present: A Psychiatrist’s Guide to Mindful Meditation and Living a More Conscious Lifestyle. She joins us with some tips to help start you on a mindfulness journey.

Getting Started on Your Mindfulness Journey

  • Define mindfulness and make it your own
  • Recognize that mindfulness is a choice
  • Listen to a song
  • Take a seat and practice meditation
  • Practice good breathing techniques
  • Download a mindfulness app
  • Journal and take time to reflect
  • Take your phone for a walk

Pick up a copy of Own Your Present and support Webster’s Book Store in State College. Visit Doctor Good to learn more about her work.

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