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Pa. and Delaware Democrat Celebration

Just after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were introduced as President and Vice President of the United States, Pennsylvania and Delaware Democrats joined a virtual celebration on Facebook.

“It is now my great privilege and high honor to be the first person to officially introduce the forty-sixth president of the United States, Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

The event featured several musical performances as well as politicians from both states which now President Biden draws his roots from. Both Jill and Joe Biden delivered remarks during the celebration as well

“Pennsylvania and Delaware have profoundly shaped who we are, as individuals and as a family. And this is where we learned the values that have always been our guide. (Joe) That means honesty, decency, treating people with respect and dignity, giving everyone a fair shot, giving no hate safe harbor, leaving no-one behind, thats what we learned in Pennsylvania and Delaware.” (0:26)

The event was lively and energetic, and at some points had a lighthearted, humorous tone. Pa Attorney General Josh Shapiro personified that tone, giving some advice to the President regarding his Vice President, and Shapiro’s good friend, Kamala Harris.

“So, to our new president, the son of Delaware and Pennsylvania, take this advice from me: don’t even try to outsmart Kamala, and don’t feel bad when she makes a brilliant point that you probably haven’t even thought of yet.”

Pa Senator Bob Casey and Delaware Senator Chris Coons also did a celebratory toast with a beer from each state, saluting viewers from their respective homes.

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