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Pa. Avian Flu Case

Over the weekend the first case of highly pathogenic Avian Influenza, known as HPAI, was confirmed in Lancaster County.

It’s causing issues for poultry farmers across the country and now it’s here in the state.

Dylan Huberman listened to the state’s plan Today.

State officials say HPAI is not a concern for humans physically but it could seriously disrupt the poultry supply chain.

While the state has two million dollars set aside help poultry farmers subsidize the loss of birds due to this issue, it doesn’t fill the empty space in store freezers and refrigerators where poultry products would be.

Pennsylvania has a poultry industry that is worth more than seven billion dollars, and an issue like this could be very problematic for those of us seeking to buy eggs and meat at stores.

“If you start pulling birds out, production out, meat, eggs, all of that, there’s clearly there’s only so many chickens, right, there’s only so many eggs, there’s only so much poultry.  So, we have to be aware that there could be implications to supply if we don’t contain this.”

A Quarantine with a radius of ten kilometers has been placed around that Lancaster County farm.


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