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Pa. Business Relief

For the past three weeks, Gov. Wolf says $145 million has been available in the general fund to help businesses during this pandemic.

But he said Republican leaders have not worked to move this forward.

“The money is available and again has been available for three weeks. Republican leaders in the general assembly have not made any moves to get that money out of the general fund and into the hands of businesses that so desperately need it,” said Gov. Wolf.

In response to this, state republicans are speaking out.

Jason Gottesman, spokesperson of the house republican caucus, said that Gov. Wolf has shut down sectors of the economy over the past ten months and that they’ve been working to undo the damage caused by his orders.

He also highlighted their support of the governor’s small business grant program saying that the governor hasn’t engaged with house republicans on this relief effort.

In Gottesman’s statement released this afternoon he said, “In the meantime, House Republicans have prioritized economic recovery from a holistic level through the creation of the ‘Envy of the East’ Task Force announced earlier this week. We look forward to standing up for small businesses throughout Pennsylvania in this new legislative session.”

“I urge Republicans and members of the general assembly to commit to themselves to working with us together to get this money into the hands of businesses that need it,” said Gov. Wolf.

While the end to COVID-19 may not be in sight, both sides of the house are seeking for more effort to help businesses during this pandemic.

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