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Pa. Covid Relief Funding

Governor Tom Wolf calling on the Legislature to spend more than $1,000,000,000 in federal COVID money to support Pennsylvanians right now.

Chris Havener is following the money for us and he looks at what the Governor wants and how some local leaders are planning to spend their American Rescue Act money.

While the state’s coffers The plan calls for funding of a wide variety of things from child care, job training and small business aid to property tax relief, long term health care funding
and outdoor initiatives.

While the state’s independent fiscal office shows deficits could be coming as early as next year in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf says the state is in good financial order at the moment.

And so they shouldn’t sit on the money.

“All of the plans presented today will make a difference for Pennsylvanians, and all of them are infinitely better than doing nothing with the money meant to help people of Pennsylvania.”

Will any of the governor’s plans go anywhere.

Well, House Republican leaders quickly put out a statement that said the proposals quote would have helped in a fiscal fantasy land that serves as a preview of sorts for Governor Wolf’s
final budget address in office that’s scheduled for next week.

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