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Pa Election Audit

The results of the last Presidential election is still looming in Pennsylvania and it may become a more prominent issue if Republican state lawmakers are able to trigger another recount.

Like the Summer weather, politics always a hot topic in Pennsylvania,and among the hottest of topics right now is that proposed recount of last year’s Presidential election

Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano recently announcing he’s pursuing a forensic audit of last November’s general election in Pennsylvania and he’s got support,at least initially, from other

“There’s been a lot of questions my constituents call me on a regular basis.but there’s also a lot of question on how an audit should be done,if one is going to be done,trying to review whats going
on in Arizona,its always good to learn from other states. Arizona has gone down this path. so there’s lots to happen before something like that can happen.”

A forensic audit, like whats been done in Arizona involves examine voting machines. The Pennsylvania Department of State, in response to the idea issued a directive prohibiting any third parties examine voting machines. Republicans call that scare tactics

“For the department of state to just come out and say don’t cooperate was out of their boundaries”

Even though Senator Corman hasn’t fully endorsed an election forensic audit, former President Trump claims Corman promised voters an audit

“I have not spoken to Donald Trump let me rephrase, I have nor spoken to Donald Trump since November”

Senator Mastriano so far has contacted three counties requesting election information, even though all Pennsylvania counties had their Presidential election results audited, at least once, already
those pushing for the forensic audit say if they don’t hear from the counties contacted by the end of the month, then they’ll issue subpoenas for informations.

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