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PA Election Audit Update

A State Senate Committee’s attempt to audit last November’s election is at a turning point.

Last month the Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee voted to subpoena the State Department seeking partial social security numbers and drivers license information on everyone who voted in last November’s election.

Democrats cried foul and with the deadline to comply with that subpoena now passed and hearings having already begun it will be up to the courts to decide if the wolf administration must comply.

The courts decisions will also guide if the committee will hire a third party firm to come in and help.

A spokesperson saying negotiations with potential vendors are ongoing but no contract will be final until legal proceedings are resolved.

Senate Pro Temp Jake Corman says that if they get that far, the private information won’t get into the wrong hands despite claims of the contrary.

“The Department Of State has given that same information to third party vendors over the years, clear its important that when you have third party vendors as the department of state has, you have contractual agreements they have to maintain the security of information with significant penalties of the law. It’s the same thing the department of state has done over the years.”

But Republicans seeking broader support for such an extensive probe were hit with a roadblock when Arizona’s audit concluded that after months of analysis not only that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Maricopa County, but he also won by an even larger margin than originally reported.

Pennsylvania Republicans insist their probe is about fixing future problems not re-litigating the past.

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