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Pa Election Concerns

This year’s presidential election is are this year’s election, excuse me, is right around the corner. However, the review into last year’s presidential election is still ongoing.

So the question that some are asking Today is what impact will the review have on this year’s election, if any? Gary Sinderson takes a closer look. The GOP state Senate led so called election audit has hit a pause after legal suits opposing it were filed.

“Well, any time you’re in court, your delay is right. I mean, so we can’t move forward until we resolve a lot of these issues.”

Republican State Senator Jake Corman is among those leading the push for the election review.

Democratic State House Member Representative Scott Conklin, though, says there’s already an impact, with some counties now worried about having enough staffers to work the polls next Tuesday.

“Many people have come to me and said with the attack on this election system, the fact that they aren’t that people are actually accusing them of changing ballots. They don’t want to do it anymore. They don’t want to volunteer. They don’t want to work anymore. The election review may be on hold with the court review, but the political rhetoric continues. People are profiting from this misinformation.”

“They’re profiting not only on those websites, the pop ups, the ads, but politicians are profiting as well. They know every politician, and I want to say this one more time, every elected official who’s telling you that it’s not fair.”

Tuesday is the last day to apply for a mail in or absentee ballot for the upcoming election in Center County. Close to 15,000 applications have been submitted so far.


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