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Pa Election Reform

After Governor Wolf vetoed a Republican legislative package on election law reform in Pennsylvania the next questions become what’s next for reform measures? Or will there be any further similar legislation?

Even though Governor Wolf did veto house bill 13 hundred with a number of election law reform measures he’s still open to discussion

“We’ll sit down over the summer and figure out how to get the right place here

For the governor, the right place for election rules does not include one of the more controversial provisions of the legislative proposal that voters show id when they go to the polls

“Don’t forget we have voter id, if you go to a new polling place you have to show some form of identification.the question is are we satisfied thats enough.the point here is the id talked about in
HB 1300 is selective discriminatory and it suppresses the vote

“Well thats a chronic line his party has said over and over. At the end of the day we have to provide identification for lots of things. You have to provide id just to buy Sudafed, To get a fishing
license, To get a hunting license

Still alive is proposed legislation for a constitutional amendment that would require voters to show id. On another related issue, there’s still talk of an audit of Pennsylvania’s 2020 Presidential
Election results

“I think the senate is looking at it, they have subpoena power. They told me they are trying to get the legalities of how to administer it. It would probably be a sampling, I don’t think they’re doing a full statewide, Its a tremendous financial undertaking

For county officials who administer elections their main election issue remains, clarifying procedures with mail in voting.

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