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Pa Election Update

Pennsylvania House Republicans are calling for an immediate audit of the Commonwealth’s election results.

But as Crispin Havener explains, they have to act fast.

Statehouse Republicans say they’ve heard enough.

“Our offices have been overwhelmed by people who are confused and outraged by the circumstances surrounding this election.”

They’re calling for an immediate legislative audit of the entire election process demanding election results are not certified and presidential electors are not seated until then.

“Public sentiment and the sheer volume of lawsuits warrants this investigatory action”

It comes as Democrat Joe Biden is the projected winner in the state, but as Republicans strengthened their majorities in the state legislature and are projected to win the auditor general race, the first statewide row office win for the GOP in 12 years.

“There have been a number of troubling issues that have come to our collective attention.”

The committee wants to be able to have subpoena power to look at the shifting guidance from Kathy Boockvar and the State Department, as well as actions taken by the state supreme court.
With 20 days left in the session, those behind the audit call want action now.

“If the desire is there we can facilitate this and expedite it. we expedite other things we think are our priorities and this is absolutely paramount that we facilitate this and we have voter confidence going forward.”

Rep. Dawn Keefer stopped short of calling it what President Trump has so far baselessly claimed, fraud.

“We are not deciding the election, we are asking for an audit. let’s take a look at the system, how it was conducted.”

But when asked if Republicans would try to seat their own Presidential electors, an idea floated before the election but was then quickly refuted by party leadership, keefer wouldn’t rule it out.

“I don’t know what the findings might be to say what our next action would be.”

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