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Pa Elections

“I think we all know that we can make the democratic process better”

We asked our viewers if they had faith in Pennsylvania’s election process. Thousands responded online Today. While some said they trusted the process, many said they had lost faith in the security of the election, calling into
question the Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar’s guidance to counties regarding act 77, the bipartisan passed law that allowed for universal mail in voting.

“Even one of the federal court judges who issued a decision earlier on in the fall, specifically said that my guidance filled gaps that the legislature had left open.”

State republican lawmakers have called the secretary’s actions unconstitutional, earlier this week issuing a letter to congress asking the electoral college vote be postponed. One commenter said Pennsylvania was not ready for mail in voting, while many suggested the state should have required voters to present id.

Another individual who said he’s confident in the process, still suggested the mail in voting period be extended. Boockvar today advocated for precanvassing of ballots.

“It takes longer than 13 hours on Election Day to process and preprocess the mail-in and absentee ballots when you’re looking at millions of ballots.”

“The legislature and others were putting their foot on the gas and the break at the same time. They wanted results like that, but weren’t willing to give the counties what they needed to begin preparing those ballots.”

State Republicans have also alleged significant fraud, an allegation many commentators shared. Governor Wolf Today said those charges are unfounded and have been struck down time and again in court. He’s calling for unity and cooperation on both sides of the isle.

“We can all work together and say, let’s forget the fact that we might have different ideas and we might argue about specific policies. We all have a vested interest in a shared interest in a strong and healthy democracy.”

As far as changes, Boockvar says anything that can clarify the election law including act 77 would be beneficial in helping both counties and voters understand the process, providing more transparency.

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