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Pa Funding

Pennsylvania this week due to receive a sizable check from the Feds, more than 7 billion dollars in federal covid relief money. Next question how to spend it. Road construction and improving the infrastructure has been mentioned. Should it be among the priorities.

Wednesday, at this rally in State College, state house Democrats saying the priority in their PA rescue plan is the work force investing in job creation and training, hazard pay, and increasing wages

“This is the first time we’ve had this amount of federal funding because were coming out of a pandemic where so many business and institutions have been hurt,revenues have been down,so we want to wisely invest this money”

On the other side of the aisle in Harrisburg, Republican lawmakers haven’t disclosed a specific plan yet on spending priorities their leadership talking about budget deficits

“I think the public expects us to be responsible and some of that may include setting dollars aside,that we can address next years projected deficit which could be double where we are currently”

The federal money also being distributed to municipalities and counties, along with the spending guidelines

“Were starting to go through those guidelines which are quite lengthy and we will be providing our review so the commissioners can begin deliberations on how they may choose to consider allocating these funds”

The federal money doesn’t have to be used immediately, in fact it will cover allowed expenses through the end of 2024

You can expect the discussion about the federal relief funds to heat up in the coming weeks, especially with a new state budget due in about a month and half.


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