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Pa. Gambling Windfall

The Super Bowl is Sunday and some people will have something riding on the game.

As Crispin Havener explains, that’s been good for Pennsylvania’s coffers since the state was able to legalize gambling in 2018.

“Over the past few years it’s been common for Pennsylvania sports fans to grab their favorite snack, turn on the big screen, And get in on the action themselves. And many folks will be laying down a few bucks or more on the big game this Sunday. And Pennsylvania has parlayed that success into big bucks.”

“I think what we’ve known for a long time is that Americans like to bet on sports.”

But before 2018 you would have to go to Las Vegas or call up a shady illegal bookie if you wanted to put a wager on the Super Bowl. Now,

“It’s been a remarkable transformation. ”

Since the Supreme Court opened up legalizing sports betting 4 years ago

“You went from 1 legal market in Nevada to 33 legal states plus DC today. ”

Pennsylvania was an early adopter and it’s paid off.

“Pennsylvania is a top 5 sports betting state in terms of how much is being wagered. ”

Even with more states quickly getting in on the action pennsylvania continues to shatter records. Last year retail and online sportsbooks took in $6.5 billion dollars in wagers…

“I think we’ve seen a rising tide lift all boats scenario. Pennsylvania is a really strong gaming state so I think you will continue to see a lot of interest and a lot of engagement in the legal marketplace for years to come.”

And that’s meant a lot of money coming into the state since sports betting began in November 2018, the state has collected more than $218 million in taxes for the state general fund, the most of any state in the nation. And even without the Steelers or Eagles playing in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“It’s always the biggest event of the year and certainly, Pennsylvanians are no exception to that rule.”

As for who the sharks are swimming around?

“Right now, 55% say they’re going to bet on the Rams.”

But whether you join the crowd and bet on the favorites, or go against the grain and lean toward the underdog Bengals…don’t forget to do so responsibly.

“What’s important for everybody whether you’re a seasoned bettor or are new to it is to remember that it’s a form of entertainment for adults. You should consider this as something fun to do but you should understand the game you are playing, understand what’s legal and how you should do it the right way. Set a budget and stick to your limits and make sure this remains fun.”


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