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Pa. Gas Tax

With inflation rising and other economic challenges, it’s become favorite among politicians especially the idea of dropping gas taxes.

But in Pennsylvania the tax supports a number of programs, including road construction and if the tax is eliminated what’s that mean for future road and bride projects.

This week in Centre County, Penndot open houses drawing crowds on the long awaited State College Connector Project. Whats going to be the future road corridor from Eastern Centre County to the Centre Region, or Interstate 80.

Nine route options on the table. Sparking controversy, and plenty of public comment

“I don’t know how many times I’ve heard you know where its going to go, just start building it. theres nothing further from the truth”

According to Penndot, 74 percent of their road and bride construction funding comes from the tax on what we pay at the pump. So would a tax cut delay future road construction. For the State College Connector Project which has already been delayed nearly 20 years due to funding problems the answer is no.

For other projects its uncertain, especially with Penndot saying they already have an $8 Billion dollar gap in the funding available and the estimated price tag for future road construction priorities.

Simply cutting the gas tax also has other string attached

“People don’t realize that tax is levied on the wholesale. there’s no guarantee that will be reflected on the pump.last thing we want is not to be helping consumers”

Projected gas tax revenue is based on how many miles we drive how many vehicles are on the highway and right now, even that’s a bit uncertain

“Right now the problem with covid, you don’t have true traffic counts. traffic now is just returning to normal”

Plus there’s the issue of electric vehicles, and more fuel efficient vehicles now using less gas.

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