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Pa General Election Update

I spent the day on the phone with election officials or county commissioners from each of the ten counties we cover. Every one of them said they had either already certified the vote or were prepared to meet the deadline.

Officials from seven of our ten counties confirmed they certified vote totals today, before the 5 pm deadline. Jefferson county elections officials say they finished the certification process last week but officially signed the documents today.

Cambria and Cameron Counties report having already officially certified the vote a week ago. However, not all potentially eligible ballots are included in those counts. Counties are required to tally votes postmarked prior to election day .

That came in during the three days after the election separate from the rest. Centre County Commissioner Mike Pipe says his county received 135 ballots after election day. Blair County Commissioner Laura Burke reports Blair received 46.

Smaller counties like Elk reported numbers in the single digits. The only county in our viewing area without a separate tally is Jefferson County, but that’s because they didn’t receive any. The validity of those grace period ballots is subject to further litigation. None of our counties reported voting irregularities.

Burke said the process went well, but the goal is to keep getting better.

“We always are trying to improve the training we provide to our poll workers and identify any areas where we need to focus attention to make things go more smoothly.”

Several media outlets from the Western part of the state are reporting that Westmoreland County did not expect to meet Todays certification deadline, following a COVID-19 outbreak amongst election workers.

We reached out to Westmoreland county officials for comment Today, but have yet to hear back.

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