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PA Military Museum Reopening

The Pennsylvania Military Museum in Centre County showcases Military history, which has drawn a dedicated following. As the Museum prepares to reopen for public visits, the Museum Director says the past year, during the Pandemic, has provided a surprising response from their followers.

Here on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg, like many Museums, the past year has been a challenge. But remarkably, they’ve discovered new audiences. Its been more than a year since in-person tours and visits at the Military Museum. The main public contact during the Pandemic was Social Media.

Museum Director Tyler Gum saying: “A lot of our collections had already been digitized for public consumption online and we’re already making our website more accessible. We have an accessibility feature on our website that allows folks from home to better utilize what the abilities, or inabilities are.”

Public Lectures, Educational Forums from Military Experts and others have always been part of the Museum’s agenda. Usually one or two a month in their meeting room. Sometimes it’s a capacity crowd, but the room’s capacity is limited to about 120. The surprise here came when those lectures went digital online.

Just like the Museum highlights how Technological Upgrades impacted Military history, expanding the presentation here has made its own new impact. That increased audience has provided another benefit for the Museum. In the past year they’ve remained at Full Staff, with no layoffs.

Among the good news here is that the Museum is reopening April 30th for public visitations. It will be limited to just weekends.

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