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PA Outdoor Recreation Returns

As we saw this past weekend, many in our region and throughout Pennsylvania weren’t waiting for Monday to get outside without masking and other COVID-related restrictions. It’s all part of our “Pandemic Recovery Process.”

What a difference a year makes. More events being scheduled and more people getting outside and that will increase with more pandemic restrictions being lifted. The Outdoor Recreational Industry, vital to the State’s economy.

The wolf pups were among the feature attractions at this past weekend’s Great Outdoor Picnic at Penns Cave and Wildlife Park, where business is picking up. Pennsylvania’s Outdoor Recreation Economy, about $13 billion a year annually, is among the top States in the Nation. Even during the Pandemic, lots of folks still wanted to go fishing. Rocco Ali of the PA Fish & Boat Commission saying: “In 2020, our license sales increased quite nicely, and in 2021 over 2020 were also showing an increase.”

Many here looking forward to the future, with the impact of the past year remaining a priority. Russ Schleiden, Penns Cave CEO saying: “You take nothing for granted. We’ve adjusted how were doing things in the business, how much we commit to improvements and we’ve scaled back.”

In Pennsylvania, several hundred thousand jobs alone are tied to Outdoor Recreation. By the way, if you’re planning on going camping in a State Park and you haven’t heard, most of the Parks reporting they’re virtually full for overnight camping already.

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