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Pa Rural Area Trends

In Pennsylvania there’s fewer people living in rural areas and that’s going to have an impact on those who remain on everything from political representation to vital services provided.

Here in Centre County,unlike many neighboring counties, the population has been increasing.but during a hearing in Harrrisburg Today, experts confirming the state’s population,especially
in rural counties is on the decline

The population information, part of a state senate hearing on political redistricting

“Pennsylvania has along history of congressional map making which has included the loss of many congressional seats due to slow population growth here for decades”

For rural areas Pennsylvania whats happening is more young people moving away while seniors remain.

“This has implications for economic development,healthy thriving communities,access to local services.its a long term problem and there’s no single solution to it”

The impact of one pandemic related aspect is still undetermined. In some rural areas, there’s new residents people who fled more populated regions, think they’d have less chance of
being exposed to covid

“Its actually something were hoping to address in the next few months we should have tax data in June on housing sales in the past year”

Pennsylvania’s rural population trend is not unique to the state in fact nationwide, two out of every three rural counties has either seen a decrease in the number of residents, or the
population has remained virtually the same we should have more facts on Pennsylvania’s population in a few months,at the end of summer when the federal census bureau releases more

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