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Pa School Mask Discussions

Here in Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says there will not be a mandated requirement for students to wear masks in schools.

But how do parents feel?

One area lawmaker is asking that question.

It has become a hotly debated issue for parents and school administrators. A recent decision by the State College School Board to require students to provide proof of vaccination,or wear masks at
the beginning of the school year sparked protests at the board meetings.

On his home page, State Senator Jake Corman is surveying parents directly in his district about school masking policies

“This is going to be a local decision. the Governor is clear hes not putting new mitigation measures in place.he’s going to allow school boards to make decisions on how to move forward.this is a way to get a pulse of the community”

Like the Governor, Corman saying he doesn’t see the need for a statewide masking mandate at least not now

“You never know, i never would of thought that when this whole thing started. I met with the governor and staff. they’re very committed to this being a local decision. I guess will have to see where the virus goes. I hope not.”

Corman says the results of his masking survey will be shared during legislative hearings next month.

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