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Pa Senate Battle

Tuesday was opening day for the new sessions of both the State House and Senate. Included were swearing in ceremonies that usually are time of congratulations and the celebration.

But in the chaos as Senate President Pro Temp Jake Corman first decided not to swear in one senator whose the subject of an election lawsuit. Then Corman led fellow Republican Senators in removing Lt. Governor John Fetterman a Democrat from his position as the Senate’s Presiding officer.

Wednesday, a fellow Centre County lawmaker,from the State House, taking aim at Corman

“To have the will of the people subjected,and their votes negated,for the Senate pro temp to do what he did in hopes of finding some judge to agree with him. this isn’t democracy ,its a dictatorship.”

Corman said the Lt Governor failed to follow the rules of the Senate,and termed it a sad day for Pennsylvania.

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