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Pa Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

People who are not vaccinated account for the majority of all COVID-19 cases and deaths in Pennsylvania.

That’s according to a new report from the Department Of Health Today regarding breakthrough cases

The data shows that 6 % of all cases were breakthrough cases from fully vaccinated people.

They also only accounted for 5 % of all hospitalizations and just 3 % of all deaths.

The DOH says that blends with federal data they have showing how safe and effective the vaccines are.

Officials say there’s only about 35-thousand total breakthrough cases among over 7 million Pennsylvanians who are fully vaccinated

Officials say that means more than 99 % of people fully vaccinated are staying healthy

“Even as the more transmissible Delta variant becomes more widespread the covid vaccines are safe, effective, and prevent serious illness and death. The vaccines are our best tool to protect ourselves against the virus, keep our children learning in school, keep our workforce in person, and foster economic recovery. ”

Health Secretary Alison Beam says they hope to update this data monthly

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