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Pa. Voting Concerns

We’re 6 weeks away from the Spring Primary Election, and county election officials have less time this year, to prepare for the voters.

Ballots haven’t been printed yet, partially due to legal challenges facing some of the candidates. One of those challenges involves a Centre County Candidate.

Redistricting, determining new state Senate and House district boundary lines and the resulting court appeals was one factor that shortened the preparation time for County Election officials this Spring.

Another is the resulting challenges filed in state Commonwealth Court to some who filed candidate petitions.

One of the legal challenges concerns Justin Behrens a Republican candidate in Centre County’s 82nd State House District and specifically if Behrens meets the state’s residency requirements.

Behrens terms the allegation false not true, and a waste of tax payer money.

Other challenges have been filed against other potential candidates and the issue is a factor as we found out Today when we asked when primary ballots will be printed

“As soon as we know whose going to be on the, we are right up against the wall on that one, hopefully we’ll have some final determination on that and we’ll be able to move forward”

Election officials also telling us so far, this year less applications for mail in ballots.

A reminder the deadline to register to vote for the Spring Primary, if you’re not already registered is May 2nd.

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