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Parents Can Opt in to Child Repeating a Grade

Parents of Pennsylvania school kids have a little over a week to make a unique decision on their child’s education future that’s tied to the pandemic.

The issue is a new state law that allows parents this year to request their child repeat a grade level in school, specifically due to learning loss from the pandemic. July 15th is the deadline to
formally make the request with the school district involved.

This form was just posted a few days ago by the state department of education for parents to fill out. Once a request is made, a school must honor it.

“Although normally these decisions are made by the school districts with consultation of the parents, I think this year needs this kind of response to ultimately allow parents to make the final
decision. in many cases students were being taught by their parents,and I don’t who would have better understanding of what the education loss would be than the parents”

Senator Jake Corman sponsored the new legislation. As for participation in sports, according to the law, students who do repeat a grade will not gain an extra year of eligibility in interscholastic

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