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Pearl Harbor Lookback

At the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg the annual Pearl Harbor remembrance is brief, with a message about sacrifices now.and then

“People talk about stress today,its barely comparable to what was happening in 1941”

Recently we’ve been following the story of two brothers, Jared and Mark Frederick,and their project, making a movie about a world war 2 battle. They draw on personal stories. 12 Members of their family, fought in World War II

“One was in the Philippines,another liberated a concentration camp”

One grandfather was in the Pacific shortly after Pearl Harbor, slated to command a landing craft at Iwo Jima, until a health emergency intervened

“His craft took a direct hit,all his crew and buddies were killed, if it hadn’t been from my grandfather suffering appendicitis,you’d be talking to somebody else about this”

Back home, that story like many from the war want known until months later. In fact many vets,to this day, when returning from the front lines have little to say about their service and that was especially the case after World
War II

“It was a time when everybody came together for the collective good and put personal disagreements aside,which is a good lesson for whats going on today

Close to 16 million Americans served in World War II. And now 98 percent of them,are no longer with us.

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