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Penguins Ready For Flyers

And that would be the in state rivals in the Philadelphia Flyers. These two have had quite the history over time. And its starting to pick back up once again with the new momentum injected in Philly. There was a lot of change in the Steel City in the offseason.

The franchise added some new faces on the roster and in the coaching box but like some other teams the Penguins have had some covid issues in camp. Head coach Mike Sullivan says they’ve got them under control and its something they were ready for.

“This is something that coaches staffs are going to have to be prepared for and adjust. We had a plan mapped out from training camp to game one. We’ve thought through the process extensively. We’ve thought through what we do in the event something like this occurs.”

The Penguins have made the playoffs in all 5 of Mike Sullivan’s seasons.

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