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Penguins vs. Capitals

In Pittsburgh, two of the best NHL Veterans face off. Sidney Crosby of the Penguins and Alex Ovechkin with the Capitals. Tied at 1 in the First Period, a pass to Overckin and he saw an opening and takes advantage. Washington takes the lead. In the Second Period, Penguins down 3-2. Marcus Petterson with a bullet to the back of the net. This games now ties at 3. In the third period, game still tied. Ovechkin takes the shot. Its a double doinker, but no goals scored in the 3rd or Overtime, so we have a Shootout.

The Penguins send out their three Veterans first, starting with Kris Letang, no. Then Crosby, no. Geno Malkin also fails to get it in the net. In Round 4, Jake Guentzel slides it through the Goalkeeper’s legs. The Penguins have a chance to Win. The Capitals send Ovechkin out. Casey Demsith holds his ground and the Penguins pick up Win #1 in a Shootout.

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