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Penn Highlands Healthcare Update

A local hospital group pleading with the public today to get vaccinated.

Officials at Penn Highlands Healthcare say the covid pandemic is surging again, putting more people in the hospital who they say could have avoided it all together.

I think the theme of this news conference is to get vaccinated…

Penn Highland like other medical centers across the country says it’s witnessing a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

“We are seeing the same thing that other hospitals and health systems have across the country the patients who are sick enough to require admission to the ICU or who died from the virus were almost all unvaccinated. The vaccinated patients that we need to admit are a small minority aren’t typically as ill, and typically are elderly.

To combat this Penn Highland encourages its staff to get vaccinated saying about 70-percent of its staff is vaccinated.

But another issue at medical centers is a lack of staff to handle the rise in covid hospitalizations

“We are no different than the rest of the businesses and health systems across the country that are dealing with staffing issues. Our human resources team continues to work hard to recruit staff
needed to take care of our patients and our communities.”

Doctor Cameron said side effects of the vaccination are few and far in between

“Any time you give ninety thousand vaccinations you’re going to experience some cases of side effects. However a large minority of these have been minor.”

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