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Penn Highlands Ready for Second Vaccine Dose

According to Andrew Kurtz, Vaccination Lead for Penn Highlands Healthcare, on December 17th they received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The following week, they received the Moderna vaccine.

“As of this week approximately 3,000 Penn Highlands Healthcare employees have received the first of their two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine,” he said.

Kurtz said employees and residents at their skilled nursing facilities received the first dose of the vaccine. The second doses will be administered later on this month.

On Friday, Penn Highlands employees will receive their second dose of the vaccine.

“This week we received the second shipment of Pfizer doses. The Pfizer vaccine requires a second dose to be administered 17-21 days after the first while the Moderna product calls for the second dose four weeks after the first,” said Kurtz.

Kurtz said some employees at each facility have only seen minor side effects after taking the vaccine.

Officials also addressed the new COVID-19 variant confirmed in Dauphin County.

“It is more transmissible, it’s up to 70% more transmissible than the current virus,” said Dr. Shaun Sheehan, Director of Emergency Services.

With all of these variants, Dr. Shaun Sheehan said the vaccine is still showing to be effective.

“On a hospital side of things, it’s not going to be any different, we’ll manage and work through this together as a health system,” he said.

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