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Penn Highlands Vaccines

According to Mark Norman, Chief Operating Officer for Penn Highlands, they’ve administered 23,000 first and second doses to individuals in Phase 1A.

“Up until the past two weeks, system wide we were receiving average of about 1,500 vaccine doses per week however each week especially last two weeks we have begun to see higher quantities arrive,” said Norman.

Officials said they’ll start to vaccinate the 65+ population along with those aged 16-64 with a medical condition.

In light of the recent news of vaccine mis-allocations from the state, Penn Highlands had to act quickly.

“We immediately froze all first dose clinics where we were providing Moderna to save it for second dose clinics, we believe we have enough in reserve for those folks to receive the first dose of Moderna and need a second dose,” said Andrew Kurtz, Vaccine Lead for Penn Highlands.

Thankfully Andrew Kurtz said Penn Highlands will continue to receive a set number of vaccines each week.

“We were selected to be one of the approved providers because we have been able to vaccinate a large amount of people, more than 23,000 as mentioned earlier,” he said.

The state is mandating that Penn Highlands use 80% of their vaccine supply within seven days.

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